Tuesday, November 03, 2009

WHY is generating traffic such a challenge for so many people?

The harsh reality is unless you are lucky enough to be on the "inside" of the Internet Marketing Guru's Circle where your partners can reach 1,000,000+ prospects via a single email broadcast, most traffic options open to you have at least one fatal flaw...

Pay-per-click is so expensive if you aren't an expert you'll go broke in a week.

Traffic exchanges take hours of page refreshing drudgery to earn even a sniff of visitors.

SEO techniques are a moving target nearly impossible to hit, and even if you get lucky they'll change the rules again.

Safelists flood you with 1,000s of emails you don't want and send your emails to others who won't read them either.

How-To ebooks and guides are typically full of tactics that no longer work by the time the ebook is available.

Submitter software packages use obsolete technology that most sites are already protected against before you even submit.

Co-registration leads are watered down names that have been blasted with so many offers they just tune you out.

Purchased visitors and bulk emails are so generic, untargeted, and rehashed you're better off trying to win the lottery than expect results from them.

Social bookmarking will get you some funny videos and knowledge of what Skeeter468 did at the party last weekend, but it's not going to send hungry customers to your site.

The truth is, most web traffic tools and tactics are simply too expensive, too time consuming, or they just plain don't work.

But, if you can get it for FREE... there is no harm at all to TRY...

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