Saturday, September 25, 2010

Make Money Online a fantasy or reality

Is it possible to make average $100 a day with blogging/article marketing? (I feel like if i could just make $3,000 a month my whole life would change for the better in every aspect.) What info products on this subject do you recommend the most?

YES! Absolutly. You can make a ton of money doing it!

You should grab a nice keyword list of about 100 keywords averaging about 100 searches a day in a GOOD NICHE! Make sure that page 1 has got at least one ot two other sites like ezine, article dashboard, squidoo

Then set to work...

The key is to write more. Don't worry so much about quality just chuck out as many articles based around your keywords as possible. I suggest using Google keyword tool because it's fucking fantastic!

What I like to do is throw in a bunch of LSI because on page optimization works a treat for this! You can find a bunch of these by using the related keywords section in the Goolge keyword tool. PLUS, sometimes you'll find some at the bottom of the SERPS.

REMEMBER: grab the URL's and put them in a text file. Check back in a couple of days to see if they're indexed and then begin to chuck some links at them. Just a few bookmarks and perhaps a few other smaller bits of duplicate content work just fine. Then grab the URL's of the small bits of duplicate content and chuck a couple of bookmarks at those. Then go to each of you bookmark pages and chuck a few bits of content at that and then a few more bookmarks at the content. -- At that point you can get articles to rank for just about anything!

SEnuke makes that last bit easy as pie. You can find it somewhere with Google.
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