Monday, June 07, 2010

How to Make $50 Every day with Neobux

This is a guide for how to make a REAL money with "paid to click" sites, without paying them a thing. The only catch is you won't be making $50 per day right off the bat. You will be making a few cents when you first start. The name of the game is called PATIENCE. Now with this method I won't be investing any money to earn money. If you have money to invest, by all means do it and you will see result faster than mine.

The key to making money on Neobux is through referrals. It's simple, If you don't have referrals, you won't make money. You can rent referrals directly from Neobux. The referrals are real people and cost 30 cents a month each. Some will be active and some won't. To "recycle" a non-active referral for an active one you have to pay 8 cents. It may seem like a lot, but it's worth it. If you don't recycle inactive referrals, you will lose money.

When you reach 75 cents by clicking on your own (if you don't invest money) you can purchase your first 3 referrals, this is where most people go wrong. It takes a few days to earn the 75 cents on your own and people are so eager to buy referrals that they just purchase as soon as their account reaches $0.75 , when people do this they do not realize that they do not have enough money to maintain their rented referrals and their referrals eventually are taken away because they can't pay for them.

Before you rent referrals you should earn $3 by clicking on your ads and then transfer it to your rental balance. This way you have $1 per referral and you will easily be able to recycle them if they are not active or pay to keep them for one more month. It will take a while to get $3 on your own, but this way you will be able to keep your referrals and exchange the inactive ones for active ones without the fear that you will not be able to pay for them.

Autopay is another must. As soon as you rent your first 3 referrals turn autopay on. Referrals cost 30 cents a month to keep. Instead of you paying for the referrals, they pay for themselves as long as you have autopay turned on. What it does is, subtract one of the advertisements your referral views each day and puts it towards the 30 cents that referral needs to stick around for another month. So you get one less penny from each referral, but they will be your referral as long as they are active.

Cashing out too early is a huge problem for people that use Neobux. When you request a payment it is INSTANTLY transfered into your alertpay or paypal account. In order to see if Neobux is indeed legit (which it is) many people will earn a dollar by clicking and then cash it out. Woo-hooo. You now have a WHOLE DOLLAR in your alertpay or paypal account. That dollar should have been put towards buying referrals. With this strategy you will be putting $3 into your rental balance before you buy 3 referrals. So $1 per referral. Keep renting referrals by increments of 3 (you can rent by higher increments later as your referrals make you more money) and continue until you have 300 referrals. This will take quite some time. This is where most people flake out. When you reach 300 referrals, stop buying referrals and just maintain the ones you already have. Keep doing this until the money builds up to about $100 and you can use $90 of it to pay for golden. $100 won't take very long at all to get once you have 300 referrals and once you upgrade to golden your earnings will DOUBLE. This is the great part. Golden costs $90 a year but instead of getting a cent for every advertisement your referral views, you get 1 cent. Your earnings double.

Keep renting new referrals after you upgrade to golden and don't cash out. Remember, you haven't cashed out at all, and you shouldn't until you have 2000 referrals. But when you do cash out, you will be able to cash out about $50 a day, and that's the end of the strategy.

It will also help you in your Neobux adventure to get direct referrals, with the use of your referral link, you can find your referral link in your members area.

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